Can I bill a customer via stripe for a single payment?

I have a customer who wants to buy a voucher from me but I do not have

Posted 7 March, 2018

How do I pay myself?

I own a small business (single owner LLC) and I am the only "

Posted 7 March, 2018

How do I start?

I want to create a company that sells vinyl models of landmarks. Howev

Posted 7 March, 2018

What are the biggest challenges you have when it comes to marketing your business?

Just looking for some feedback on the marketing challenges folks run i

Posted 7 March, 2018

Tips for starting up a business?

I’ve been thinking about starting my own business for a long time no

Posted 7 March, 2018

Facebook ads, small business and lessons on accessibility

This sound ridiculous, but the reason I don't advertise on Fac

Posted 7 March, 2018

Starting a small business exporting cars. Should I incorporate? I don’t plan on hiring anyone else.

Should I open a business bank account? Not sure it’s all necessary s

Posted 28 February, 2018

Am I making this harder than it should be (B2B Sales)

Hi all. I own a retail ethnic grocery store and am looking to expand o

Posted 7 March, 2018

Cross check credit card purchases?

I use a POS for my business that allows me to see the inventory I have

Posted 7 March, 2018

Question about Forming an LLC - Where should we incorporate?

Hello! I am trying to help a couple of friends start their own LLCs an

Posted 7 March, 2018