Starting an eCommerce business in Dubai

s of Dubai! tl;dr towards the end A little pretext - I am a non UAE

Posted 3 November, 2018

Smartphone Sale?

So, my brick of a phone is finally on its last legs, and I have to adm

Posted 3 November, 2018

Single people of Dubai.

How many traits per passing of valentine day do you drop in your poten

Posted 28 February, 2018

Pro Gaming/ESports in the UAE

Where are all the pro gamers at? I don't know many teams based

Posted 28 February, 2018

Newly wed and staying with parents in Dubai - thoughts? pros vs cons?

Have spent 20 years in the UAE since I was 11. Got my education abroad

Posted 28 February, 2018

My lovely landlord

Hi guys,</p> <p>My landlord sent us an eviction note stat

Posted 28 February, 2018