Writing an article about beermoney!


I'm a journalism student from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and I'm writing an article about beermoney for one of my classes.

I was a very avid beermoney farmer from 2014-2017 and managed to pay for a lot of my tech (and beer) through the help of this sub. I'm very grateful to all of you and hate to see the slow demise of beermoney (at least for a lot of the passive earnings) as it helped me and many others pay for rent, tuition, groceries, etc. God do I miss the days of uninterrupted Perk runs.

My article is about beermoney's glory days and how it's unfortunately become a lot more difficult to make the same income as we used to.

If anyone is willing to comment on this it would really help me out! Even some great earning stories, farming stories, or some of the bigger purchases you made with beermoney would be awesome.

The article will not be published anywhere and will only be read by my professor. Unless specified otherwise, I promise to only use reddit handles or "anonymous", if you'd rather.

If anyone here is from Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, I would love to meet/call/PM/etc. you and hear your side of the story.

I appreciate you guys giving this a read and if my post is against the rules please let me know and I'll take it down immediately.

Again, this sub was a major part of my life for several years and I appreciate all the help you gave me along the way.


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flight2dubai 3 years ago

I get ya, these are all very valid concerns. All I can give is my word that this won't be seen by anyone other than my professor. I won't press any further.

ThisOnlineWorldBlog 3 years ago

I'm also a college student in the GTA but i've only been farming for about 6 months (so to me, these are the glory days lol. I've never known anything else). If you are in need of a more narrow perspective definitely PM me!

chrisfuccione 3 years ago

I am sorry I don't talk to journalists or journalism students about my online work. Being interviewed is a lose-lose situation for me. I have seen too many times where we let the public know about the work we do online and for a few weeks, we get a rush of new workers. Some of them will only last a week or so and decide that this type of work is not for them and will put down family members and friends of their who do beermoney for a side income as taking part in scams. This makes our industry look bad The other people who read the article will stick around and become another person who is fighting for the same work and as result, I get fewer jobs and less money in my pocket. The second type of article I see is much more common. Reporters will reach out to use and ask to interview workers. All is fine and good until the article comes out and the reporter makes it look like that we are all pathetic losers who can't (or won't) get any type of other work. This also makes our industry bad because potential requesters or clients looking to get some work through croudsourcing will think twice about hiring us and will do the job in-house.

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