Write.com pays you to write articles and How-to guides

I came across this website Write.com that hires writers to work for them online. You get paid to publish the following types of articles:
* Blog Posts
* Articles
* Buying guides
* How-to guides
They also have a Trust Score that determines how much you will be paid per assignment. The more you work for them the more high paying opportunities you will get. They pay through Paypal.
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podaudio 3 years ago

Thanks, this helps a lot.

rosenpenis 3 years ago

Thanks for that

dreamygeek 3 years ago

Thanks a million for sharing :)

Dnemesis123 3 years ago

I wrote for them for a little while, but it's been ages. Back then, they had thousands of short assignments at any given time. Most were writing short product descriptions and random SEO-rich questions. They ranged from 150 to 250 words (if i remember correctly), and the pay was around $2.50 to $5 for most of these. However, they also had slightly longer tasks that paid a bit more, but it was never anything outrageously high. They also paid 24hrs after article approval via PayPal. I'll try to log in when i get home, assuming i still have access, just to see what it all looks like nowadays. EDIT to update: Okay, here are some screenshots of my past work (click them to enlarge). As you can see, they ranged from 100-200 word pieces that generally asked some random questions. They paid anywhere from $2.50 to $5 or so, on average. https://snag.gy/pXQhbn.jpg https://snag.gy/9wIFJh.jpg I didn't find any assignments though. Not sure if they don't have any, or if I simply lost my qualifications/approved categories. If i were to guess, I'd say they don't have anything at this time (because my profile implies that I still have access to my approved categories). Hope that helps!

dreamygeek 3 years ago

I have updated the link. You can signup from there.

WordsSam 3 years ago

What is their pay range? I don't usually apply to platforms that are not upfront about pay ranges.

dreamygeek 3 years ago

The link is given in the description. They haven't shared the exact payments rates but I have signed up myself. Will keep you posted.

kielly32 3 years ago

I second this, I'd like to get an idea of their average pay. Don't need another Rev rerun.

themmama 3 years ago

do you have a link? and what is their pay like?

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