Would love some advice.

So the website(s) I am trying to help promote organic growth for are custom built sites. Because of this they are severely lacking in places key for On-Page SEO.

Like they can't have individual meta descriptions per page. They just have one meta description across all thousand or so pages. They are also an e-commerce site so their "content" is duplicate all over the place.

They also don't have H2 headings, nor are they mobile responsive.

I have done the things I know I can. Like get structured data pages built, added to Search Console. Added keyword phrases where I hoped they would be picked up.

We are looking into creating a blog to create in-depth content, but it has taken months for that to get off the ground.

Is there anything else I can do to get the needle moving upward in traffic goals?

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SEOPub 2 years ago

1) Just delete all of the meta descriptions. Having dynamic meta descriptions is better for click-thru-rate. 2) Most ecommerce sites have duplicate content all over the place (Amazon). Usually not a real big deal. Just make sure canonical tags are implemented where needed. 3) You don't need H2 headings. You don't even need H1 headings. Google is pretty good at understanding how a page is structured these days without any H tags. 4) The #1 ranking factor for any webpage is links pointing to the page. That is the next thing you should focus on.

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