Working as a Social Media Evaluator for more than a year?

Is it possible? I've read how lots of people have been fired just after reaching a year of work rating facebook ads for companies like Appen, I guess there is no chance to keep the job for more time?

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ivanamixalot 2 years ago

They usually seem to say the projects are expected to run 12-18 months.... but you can be canned at any time for any reason!! I lasted 5 months on two separate projects and both times was let go for "performance issues" that were never discussed with me or substantiated.. pretty annoying when I always scored well on any tests we were given. Oh well. Waiting for another invite. It is what it is, not a bad gig when you need to work flexibly from home.

Mangalot 2 years ago

As of recently, everyone I know including me has been let go with 1 year and 1 month of work (leapforce and appen).

Knorcube 2 years ago

If you get lucky though, for me I only last 3 months working as a Social Media Evaluator at Appen.

Kooler_Than_Jesus 2 years ago

Thanks. I'm going to finish my first year in the project in a couple of months and after reading about so many people being left out of the project after one year I'm a little concerned about it, because it's a really good and easy job to get some extra cash every month, I would be glad to stay in this project for the rest of my life tbh.

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