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Anyone hear of ALO7? It is honestly amazing. I have worked for other companies such as VIPKID but this one takes the cake for me. Great hours, great pay (I make about $700 per month usually), and best of all no singing to the kids is required like in other websites.

Non- North American accents are ok. Non-teaching certifications are ok as well. If you are enrolled in a college program or have a BA, you are qualified for this position.

The hours for prime are 6-9 PM Beijing time, so if you are in North America, be prepared to wake up early. It sucks but it's literally the only drawback of this job.

This is a new but growing company so now is the time to join. There are opportunities for advancement as we do not yet have a large teacher base - it will come though. Expansion has been rapid and that is why we are currently hiring.

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If you have any further questions shoot me a PM. Like I said, hours are great, interview process is painless, and best of all (for me at least) there is no singing to the students required. Pretty much the only platform that does not require this.

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prince50 3 years ago

Usually takes 1-3 weeks for them to get back. It depends on how much they are trying to hire. There is going to be a lot of work coming up so I believe hiring has intensified. I am just a teacher there and do not have any connections towards them at all. Just thought I'd post this since this sub is always looking for good pay with little work. You won't find anything better than this. I do about 11-15 hours per week and my schedule is relatively full. It took me about a month to get my classes full. I worked for VIPKID in the past but was not as happy there. ALO7 is IMO much more laid back and enjoyable. But of course it's up to you. Cheers

primatesandme 3 years ago

Oh damn just saw this! I applied this morning and could have used your referral link. How long did it take for them to get back to you? The message I received said 1-2wks. And how long was the hiring process overall? Do you do a demo class? Any tips would be welcome! I'm also in the process of applying for VIPKID but heard ALO7 and qkids were worth checking out. How many hours do you do a week and how long did it take for your classes to fill up? Thank you!

prince50 3 years ago

Classes are usually 5-9am EST. I haven't had many outside that timeslot.

Billy1121 3 years ago

Hi! If you say 9 beijing time, does that mean a lesson starts at 9? So i could teach at 10 am EST?

prince50 3 years ago

Strange it worked well for me. Just tested it on my phone and it worked.

ssjRose617 3 years ago

I've been trying to submit using you're ref link but for some reason every time I click the submit button it returns non-responsive. I've tried using Firefox, Chrome & IE. Did you experience something similar when first applying?

prince50 3 years ago

You can switch from Beijing time to your time or vice versa. For the most part they won't be appealing hours if you are in North America.. but that's the only drawback of the job really.

incurvatewop 3 years ago

Hi, I'm wondering if the hours listed for picking availability are in Beijing time or in the time zone I pick?

prince50 3 years ago

Give it a shot. Doesn't hurt to try.

prince50 3 years ago

Go for it! Should be fine as long as you have strong enough English.

1subjec 3 years ago

What if I have zero teaching or non-teach certificates and I'm not enrolled in a college program, and don't have an MBA? I've been a sales trainer for the last 7 years, so I know how to teach. I just don't have credentials. I'm good at Math and Science, though...I'm not trolling, genuinely asking what should I do to qualify?

goldoje 3 years ago

Hey man, I got some questions as well. Hopefully you don't mind answering them. I've been wokring online as an ESL teacher for a year now and I do some private tutoring as well. The problem is that I'm not a native. I am fluent though and I'm working towards my C2 certificate. Do you think I could apply for this? Cheers mate!

prince50 3 years ago

Weekend hours too! No minimum requirements - you can set your own availability.

holden147 3 years ago

Are there weekend hours or is it only 6-9 Beijing on weekdays? Any minimum hour requirements?

prince50 3 years ago

If you feel that you are able to teach english, give it a shot! We have tutors from all sorts of backgrounds. I'd try ALO7 before going to other lesser platforms. Give it a shot I'd say. Good luck! And if you have any questions feel free to ask. Cheers

mrbabastone 3 years ago

Hey there, that sounds like something I'd be interested in. I just check on their website. They only take native English speakers. I am German native but I'd say I am able to teach English. Do you know whether there is a chance they could accept that? Or are there similar websites where it's not required to be English native?

prince50 3 years ago

Oh it is not my full-time job. You get $7.50 for 25 minute classes and a 10% bonus if you reach 50 classes per month. You do the math. I usually get about 90-100 classes per month so it is mostly more than 700 per month (I was just estimating). And yes it is before taxes. It is the easiest money I have ever earned.

[deleted] 3 years ago


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