Work from home job for someone with anxiety

I’d like to work from home since it makes more sense for me. I have a job at a restaurant currently and another job that doesn’t make me much money starting out (arts) but I’d like to continue with the latter.

I’d like to make $800/mo min with whatever online work I find, but I feel limited in what I can choose because my field of study in school isn’t anything tech related. I also can’t do anything PayPal related because they haven’t been able to take the hold (they had no damn reason for the hold, but that’s another story) off my account so I can’t withdraw money, and my bank is linked to that account so anything new I make with them would probably be put on a hold as well.

Now, to the anxiety part. I’ve become aware some people can make money teaching people online, but that’s a face-to-face sort of deal, and I can’t quite handle something like that, and would also prefer not to speak on the phone either.

I’ve had no luck with leap force or the other similar one.

What kind of jobs can I get? I’ll look into phone based as a last resort, but would really like something with as minimal face/voice contact as possible. My BA is in psych if that matters any.

Thanks in advance

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KiLLaHoLiX 3 years ago

Im good with excel. I do have a full time 9-5 job but how can I get into something like that to do at night/weekends? Also have a bachelors in Accounting and Finance and work for a Timeshare company (real estate)

anndrago 3 years ago

I hear horror stories about support call jobs. Is it very stressful?

anndrago 3 years ago

Do you make decent money doing that?

descending_angel 3 years ago

No, I always go through periods of time where I start back up, but I always slip back into old patterns. I really should do it more, it's tough. Thank you

trwwjtizenketto 3 years ago

this is totally unrelated to the job, but do you practice mindfulness meditation on a daily basis? 20-30 minutes daily reduce anxiety for a whole lot of people, worth a try if you ask me, it's one of those things i just can not function without :p gl with the job though

Anastasiaosei 3 years ago

scribie bamtranscription athreon https://www.thespruce.com/home-transcription-jobs-3542501

mostafax80 3 years ago

Does telenetwork hire ppl outside USA?

descending_angel 3 years ago

I didn't want to have to set up a new paypal, but I guess if the bulk of good work pays out through there, I may have to

descending_angel 3 years ago

Interesting. I'll definitely look into that. Thanks so much! Yeah, it really is haha

down4thecause 3 years ago

There's a lot of customer service jobs on UpWork, I had a full-time job replying to emails and social media comments for a pretty successful ecommerce company. You can do a customer service test on UpWork that will be shown to potential employers. You could also do a bit of research on effective customer service skills and mention some of it in your cover letter. I've also seen quite a lot online psychology services, where you communicate over chat to clients, so maybe that would be something to look into. Anyway, good luck! I know anxiety can be a real bitch. Also, if you set up a new account with your bank, you can use it to set up a new PayPal account. I've had to do this a few times.

descending_angel 3 years ago

I'm sure if there was a purpose, I'd be able to write something up... these are the types of jobs that require writing samples though? I haven't written since college and haven't held on to any of those papers. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that

IsaaHaiku 3 years ago

Can you introduce some of them to me? English is my second language but I have a Master's degree in English. I live in Toronto.

richb83 3 years ago

Can you write? There's a lot of ghostwriting sites out there that can supplement your income. I hope you find something. Something about this post is really making me pull for you. Best of luck!

descending_angel 3 years ago

Don't you need relevant experience to land that sort of job?

jamesjgriffin 3 years ago

I was doing investment analysis for real estate investors for a long time. Have a BA in Philosophy. You just have to win the interview and then it's off to excel land...

angryhottie 3 years ago

SYKES also. I work for them at home due to an anxiety disorder as well. It is over the phone but I was very afraid at first but it got second nature with practice. They offer medical benefits even to part time people.

DawsonBriggs 3 years ago

Appen Global, Lionbridge, and TeleNetwork have legitimate work-at-home positions.

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