Woocommerce Quickbooks connection - OneSaas or Unify?

Which do you use and why?

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toastham 2 years ago

Cdata has drivers for sync as does synergration.com although seems to be not very well supported

Top_Extracts 2 years ago

QB online, Inbound orders to start - tax reasons but eventually would like to use other features. Not overly complicated, but I do have a ton of points and coupon ties

bitplexcode 2 years ago

Could you give a rough feel of how much a cost is too much? I run a consulting company and have done a lot of Reckon Retail Manager syncing, reporting and consolidation. I'm wondering if there is a market out there for a product that does more platforms, like woocommerce and desktopbooks.

roger-able-dog 2 years ago

I would also really like to hear people's thoughts on this... I have a client with a Woocommerce storefront - running Quickbooks Desktop. I'm interested in full-sync between the two - with complicated orders (nearly every product is customizable, with up-charges for different options).

wearefishandwedrown 2 years ago

Would love to see everyone's thoughts here. I have a client that needs order and inventory sync for woocommerce to desktop quickbooks. We had a system that worked, but is no longer supported. Everything I'm seeing now either requires QB online, or costs too much.

Inosync4QuickBooks 2 years ago

QuickBooks Online or Desktop? Do you want a full sync or just inbound orders? How simple or complicated are your orders?

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