Wondering about accepting BTC as payment

A family friend owns a barbershop and is interested in accepting crypto (btc but other cc's too.) as payment (since alot of his clientele is fairly young and engaged in crypto). How would he get started and what would be needed?

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Bitcoin-Yoda 2 years ago

For a barbershop is enough just a BTC wallet in his phone, show the QR code, customer scan & pay, done. For other employees, they could just have the same wallet but in watch only mode, so they can only accept payments, not allowed to spend. No need for anything else!

chocolatesouffle3 2 years ago

btcpay is an open source alternative to bitpay

messiahsk8er 2 years ago

Coinbase has a merchant thing that they just rolled out recently

sealpoint33 2 years ago

Your friend might try this: https://www.coinpayments.net

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