Will switching to HTTPS affect snippets?

Hi guys,

The company I work for is thinking about making the switch to HTTPs now that it is clear that google plans to give preference to HTTPs sites.

We currently have good visibility above our main competitors, mainly due to feature snippets. We had a few late last year which we lost after some title and content changes. We have only just gotten them back so my concern is that making the https switch will result in jeopardise this.

Does anyone have experience with this? Im hoping that if this does happen then at the very least the benefit of switching to https will somewhat mitigate the temporary snippet loss.

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Apollo21x 2 years ago

At my company we have noticed a slight drop in rankings on a few sites when switching but within a week or 2 everything seems to go back to where it was, if not better so I would go ahead and make the switch just make sure you follow the correct steps!

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