Will redesigning a website but not changing the links affect our SEO?

The title pretty much explains my problem, we are redesigning a website but changing no links and are wondering will this affect our SEO?
Here is an example of the website change, as you can see the links are unchanged:
Old site link: http://www.eparhija.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=6621

New site link: http://test.eparhija.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=6621

Any insight is appreciated since I have little understanding of SEO. Thanks in advance!

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Bhardwajs15 1 year ago

if it is well optimize then will surely help in ranking but after you live it give it some social signal and re index it and all major search engines

MincoLesharo 1 year ago

Check both sites in GTMETRIX.com and compare with each other. Optimize new site as much as possible.

krishnaghali 1 year ago

Links and content are the two major things when a site gets indexed in search engines. Authority builds over these two things. The links being same you're half safe( do a 301 redirect - if changing links) if the content is not going to differ much. Then good to go. Design directly doesn't impact SEO but User Experience also matters. Make sure a good user experience. So dwell time will not impact your results. Hope this helps. Any help needed further let me know.

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