Will Google penalize a page with lots of internal links?

Quick question about blogging and SEO that I am unsure about.

If I have a page with an archive of past posts (essentially a page filled with lots of links to content on my website) would it be correct to not have this page indexed?

From my understanding, since there is nothing of quality on the page like text or information and it's purely links, I should not have it indexed.

Thanks for the help!

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ThisOnlineWorldBlog 2 years ago

Thank you for the advice! I guess I have been worrying too much about avoiding penalties.

LCPRM 2 years ago

Don't worry. Google won't penalize you for indexing a page with full of links unless those links are bought. If you want to optimize an older post for SERP; just give it a new title and throw in some more keywords.

ThisOnlineWorldBlog 2 years ago

Thanks so much for the reply! That makes sense to me.

Tuilere 2 years ago

It won't be penalized but a page of just links is pretty low value and won't drive traffic.

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