Which web hosting are you using to maintain server speed?

xperienced with Godaddy often time my website got down and I had to clean all php files to keep online my website.

Whenever, visitors in big amounts was coming Godaddy could not able to handle so this was the biggest issue associated my business website so I had decided to leave Godaddy.

After all researched, I found FastComet via HostingPill and so far my website never went down - 100% Uptime score.

Which one are you using?

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qda 2 years ago

You should know that EIG has bought up a lot of what used to be the best hosts in the past, like A Small Orange, HostGator, MediaTemple, etc..

JackTheMachine 2 years ago

You better contact your customer support first before switch to other provider. Maybe they can help you to migrate your site to new server. Personally, I use asphostportal, I use them to host .net and wordpress site. There is no perfect in the world.

big_sammy_note_fan 2 years ago

I'm using this one as well. The GoGeek plan.

NHRADeuce 2 years ago

We manage nearly 100 client sites. We have a mix of managed dedicated servers and managed virtual cloud servers. We have accounts at Rochen (for our Joomla sites), Siteground, and WPEngine. If you are not technical WPEngine is a good choice. They have superior customer panel for managing backups and staging areas.

johnnycatz 2 years ago


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