Which social media aggregate tool is good for events?

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Socialized-5 2 years ago

Dialogfeed is the perfect tool for Social Media Aggregation. Dialogfeed allows aggregation from the main social networks (Youtube, FB, Intagram, Twitter,Weibo). Once your sources are set the tool generates a code to copy and embed on your site. The platform can be use for several uses: Corporate Communication: UGC / brand content to reflect the social presence of the brand on its website> animate, engage and retain audience eBusiness/ Retail: on & off line social evidence to get a better conversion + acquisition with hashtag contest, selfies Internal communication: halls, cafeteria screens, intranet, ... quick win to inform, engage, show the digital transformation Events: public screens to inform, animate, inspire, engage, boost internal & external social participation Media: inform, interaction, enhance, Finally the platform offers a nice moderation tool that allows to filters posts

ArmelleG321 3 years ago

Hi, Can you be more speciffic, please? 1.Do you mean a good tool to promote events? Here you can use Facebook and Email Marketing 2. Or, do you mean a wall tool for meeting and events? Here you can use Tagboard, Tweetwall, Eventifier

bh4216 3 years ago

Cloohawk lets you create custom task rules. Tasks are suggested based on your own custom task workflow, thus helping you aggregate events based on these rules.

bradatlarge 3 years ago

You mean people aren't all going to use the cute-sy hash tag we made up for our thing?

RobertSD927 3 years ago

You need to be specific. We cannot help if we don't know what are you exactly looking for. Your question is really vague.

MorriesWigShop 3 years ago

Assuming you mean there'll be a screen that displays tweets related to an event with a specific hashtag? We used strea-ma for an event that expected a lot of chatter. I wasn't so hands-on with it, but we had a series of hashtags to monitor and I had a community manager approving messages and noting any high jacks.

dadwithnotime 3 years ago

What kind of tool are you really looking for and at what price range?

TheMacMan 3 years ago

What are you looking to accomplish with it? To be totally honest, unless it's a HUGE (thousands of people) event, there is unlikely to be much chatter about it on social media. Even then, much of what you're likely looking to do can be done with a simple search of Twitter or Instagram.

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