Which has the biggest impact on the other? SEO or Society.

As we all know SEO advances are intended to accommodate behaviors of the general populous. But there is no doubt that the information age is having a huge impact on social development. With tech advancing so fast could SEO advances be leading more social change that the influence social change has on SEO? and if you could explain your answer, it would be great.

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steffanlv 1 year ago

SEO only exists to try to stymie Google's inevitable crawl towards eliminating organic listings for any site that is not a big Adwords spender or corporation. The future of search is mobile, contextual (LSI based) Q&A natural AI-like conversation. Take that to mean whatever you want. In 10 years if you aren't in the AI game in regards to SEO you might as well not even be online.

Mrfrednot 1 year ago

No you have it all wrong. SEO does not do anything for the general populous. It caters to a specific situation for a specific client to a specific audience, often on a specific timeframe, on a specific platform based on specific rules of engagement. SEO is not advancing, it is adapting to a system (engine) that one day will make it (SEO) obsolete, because the Search Engine dictates the job of the SEO specialist. We optimize for the Engine. If your point is that SEO has an impact on society than of course it has, online information needs to be seen. That is the point of SEO! And since SEO is intended for specific situations, its impact cannot be reduced to a general statement of positives or negatives, big or small, only a specific one. Hope that helps..

ilovewesties 1 year ago

I'm sure many won't like this comment, but I haven't seen SEO advancing that much in the past few years. Sure we have more things like voice search, etc; however those sorts of buzzwords come about every few years. So much still depends on back linking and today that doesn't always come across or seem modern or even up-to-date.

theeastcoastwest 1 year ago

I think societal changes are always going to win the debate, but I'll offerup a thought. SEO has the power to put incorrect answers in front of those most in need of accurate information. I have considerable experience in various health products markets (supplements, organic products, alternative medicine, etc) and am constantly shocked at the information I see at the top of the SERP-for big keywords. IMO, it boils down to the argument of how one can trust anything they read online. Still, getting emails through various projects from people wandering things like "what supplement to take for stage 3 cancer" or "should I take CBD oil for my epilepsy" scare out of me after I review some off the articles at the top of the SERP. I know, with statistical accuracy, that people often arrive at poorly-researched affiliate sites when they ask health related questions. In short, SEO has the power to put dangerous content in front of desperate people, and IMO Google won't be able to address it, within the bounds of their current product's design, without "breaking" the internet as we know it.

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