Which authors have had a big impact on the way that you write?

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fairycanary 2 years ago

I try to be like Michael Crichton m, but I suppose my writing style is Borges meets J.K Rowling.

noble_pizza 2 years ago

Cormac McCarthy. Focus on the people and make those people sound like real people. Cut away all the excess. Nothing fancy. A good story can carry a novel on its own.

kjodle 2 years ago

I really don't like much of Hemingway, but I hold him up as a writer who can use very simply words and phrasing to communicate complex ideas, always a plus in my book. Hemingway was much the same way.

kjodle 2 years ago

Brooks has a terrible writing style. ugh

kjodle 2 years ago

Stephen King, Alice Munro, Sherman Alexie, Anne Lamott, JRR Tolkien, Nick Hornby (especially Nick Hornby), David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell.

King_Naturion_The2nd 2 years ago

I think everyone has a little Hemingway in them.

the_ragamuffin 2 years ago

Re: my current style -- James Joyce, Ben Lerner, Paul Thomas Anderson.

EldritchAutomaton 2 years ago

H.P Lovecraft, R.A Salvatore, Michael Moorcock, and Terry Brooks are all probably the biggest influences I have carried over into my adult writing life. Wouldn't give up a single one of them.

GuytFromWayBack 2 years ago

Recently, Stephen King, George RR Martin, and Brandon Sanderson, and probably Darren Shan, JK Rowling, and JRR Tolkien since I read and re-read their books so much when I was kid.

mutt4444 2 years ago

sometimes it can be who I'm currently reading, so at times it's been Chekhov, Marquez or Mahfouz, right now it's a.m. homes. Not consciously of course, but I can feel the influence.

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