Where to start? Small Business Owner

I am a DJ and I own a wedding DJ business, I am looking to hire an SEO ( and someone to build my site) but I have no idea where to start or what to expect budget wise. How do I know I am not getting ripped off, but also how do I know the price is too good to be true and they are ether not going to deliver or use shady techniques and hurt my site down the line?

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ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

So you can learn on page seo in a couple hours? Amazing, I have been working on it for 21 years and Im still learning,

zergytime 2 years ago

Run quickly away from any SEO consultant that promises specific results. "First page of Google", etc. That's not how any of this works. Ideally, decide your website budget before hand. I run a small agency focused on local business, and our first question is often "What's your budget", because we can tailor to a certain extent to that. Obviously, if you want a custom website for fifty bucks, you're going to end up either out of luck or getting what you pay for, but if it's a realistic number, we'll do our best to work with you. Ask for examples of sites that they have worked on in the past, and the results they were able to achieve for these sites - target keyword rankings that they improved and conversions. A lot of agencies and freelancers will promise you traffic, and deliver it, but traffic means nothing if it isn't qualified and doesn't convert into customers.

onemananswerfactory 2 years ago

This is a good place to get tips, but I'd leave it at that. Find someone local to your area who knows how to market to the people you'll be wanting as customers.

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