Where to buy Bitcoin with USD from europe?

Coinbase doesn't seem to allow me to deposit USD from Europe. Any advice?

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Cyxana 11 months ago

No, I want to deposit usd to exchanges but they (atleast coinbase) dont have deposit option for europeans.

inthevibe 11 months ago

How is this a problem is Bitcoin against the law in Europe?

dfhd43635 11 months ago


Cyxana 11 months ago

Yes, but I can't transfer my Fiat(USD) to coinbase from my european bank

ogbobb1988 11 months ago

They have USD and Euro pairing 2

Cyxana 11 months ago

Well thats exactly the problem, no one wants to sell right because they are going to the moon and I want to be along for the ride.

Cyxana 11 months ago

Are you sure? I only found that they accepted USDT and I have none of that currently and neither do I know how to accquire it..

ogbobb1988 11 months ago

Kraken Exchange

owlholic 11 months ago

Buy privately. I would sell you some of mine, but I'm actually not selling. I will tell you more - I'm buying moooooooore. We are going to the moon, so any selling activity before mid August would be silly. Can you by thru a relative in the US ? Wire them the money and they buy it for you and send it to your hardware/paper wallet ?

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