Where can I find studies/surveys where I can earn a gift card and have it mailed to me?

I found a few surveys and studies that actually pay by mail, but it's really hard to find online. Does anyone know of any sites where people post surveys/studies and people can earn gift cards by mail easily?

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ttguard 2 years ago

Or redeem an eCheck from InstaGC at a bank after you print it. Free the first time each month, then cost 25cents after till next month Requests are typically processed within 1-3 business days and received via email within a few minutes after being processed. Please note that an email address and a printer is required in order to receive and print your eCheck out.

AfternoonPoster 2 years ago

YouGov sends the gift cards via mail (at least this was the case for my Amazon one).

kristen1829 2 years ago

eRewards.com will mail gift cards to you, but they have a very limited selection.

Mikazah 2 years ago

Survey Savvy mails checks to you. You could cash the check then buy gift cards with the cash. Why do you want the gift cards via mail instead of email?

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