Whats your process

Since I feel like i have to do SEO myself for various reasons Im starting to learn from scratch. What is your process of what you are going to do when you are given a website to rank?

KW? then onpage? then what?!?!

Thats basically what im wanting to know right now. I will have a ton of other questions im sure as i try and cram all this info into my head in a short amount of time, so TIA.

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ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

Every client is unique. Checklists are great, but I do not believe in standard processes. Generic processes work with local seo on a small scale, not with large complex companies with unique needs. Granted, my goal isnt just to deliver a colorful report at the end of the month. In fact, I only report every quarter.

JeffreyDoe 2 years ago

SO when i use MozLocal it says that my business listing cant be found on google like it was found on FB. do the names have to be EXACT?

NHRADeuce 2 years ago

There are tons of SEO checklists available. Download a few of them and figure out what works for you from each one to come up with a list for yourself.

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