whats going on with engageme?

I've noticed theres been a mention of offertoro pulling it, its off superpay, its off rewardingways. just recently it had launched some new version lootup. anyone got info on whats going on with this? app still works on mobile.

ninjaedit - its on earnably and instagc checking the other laptop.. i am getting credited.

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thehoncho99 2 years ago

apparently it has been pulled off of ClixSense permanently, according to the ClixSense site owner - there's suspicion that it's because they haven't been receiving the commission from Engageme - not sure what's going on - getting a bit concerned

johndoe303 2 years ago

yeah i just got the app a couple days ago, it pays more than perk and works with insta and earnably which is kickass, i think ill keep using it over perk tv

MidgardWyrm 2 years ago

Been using it on my phone via InstaGC: no problems. Used Lootup a few times: credited no problems. Again, via InstaGC. I do live in the UK, though.

IndieMovement 2 years ago

at the end of months/ right at start it gets wonky because they ran out of ads.

mimix101 2 years ago

I feel like it works when it wants to. At times I won't get served any ads for what feels like eternity.

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