What's the difference between agency offerings across US and UK

I've worked at a few UK agencies and now I've moved to a US agency based in London.

I'm shocked at the difference in focus from the US perspective - we ignore linkbuilding and only deal with content once everything is technically sound with a site. When we get to the content we optimise existing content for QAs and higher ranking.

UK agencies had "PR" people focused on farming links from blogs and publications. I also spent soooo much time in the past building out pages to increase keyword coverage.

Has anyone else seen disparities like this between agencies? What sets your agency apart? What do they do differently?

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miasmatix93 2 years ago

That is the opposite of what I expected! Man linkbuilding is tedious - that enough to put me off moving across the pond. I heard someone say the other day that, "what they are calling it PR 2.0 is actually SEO." Then I found out that a large chuck of iProspect's (top UK agency) is made of PR Execs and now I kind of believe it.

slin25 2 years ago

I've worked with both US and UK agencies. This is a difference of agencies not really cultures. In fact in my experience US agencies tend to focus more on link building while UK agencies focus more on PR strategies to gain links but rely on on-page SEO to move things. In fact I had one guy from the UK tell me that guest posting hasn't worked in years which surprised me to hear, most US agencies i've worked with preach guest posting. Now being called "Mate" and hearing "Brill" that's all UK stuff.

miasmatix93 2 years ago

I'm not, no. That's a good point though, my sample size is 3 so who knows what the others are doing. That said I'm still interested in hearing other people's experiences. It's cool see how people approach SEO conceptually.

bradatlarge 2 years ago

Are you sure this isn't an agency culture difference versus a Geographic difference?

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