What's a good website to make a free logo?

My boyfriend run a little side contracting/cleaning business and i am trying to make a Facebook page so that customers can leave reviews and such. What id a website that ACTUALLY lets you make a free logo?

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ShannonMontgomery 1 year ago

Canva.com is great for simple logo designs, business cards, and basically any other content you need for business social media/blogs etc. I use the free version for everything I do for my law firm and so far it has been all I need. You can upload your own pictures to be used in their layouts for certain things. I really like it! And no I have no affilation with that at all. Just an avid user! My logo is simple (you can see it on montgomerypllc.com) and if you check my business IG you can see all the other types of images you could create on there (montgomerylawpllc). Anyway, let me know if you use it!! Good luck!

kingflippa 1 year ago

Would check out fiverr. I always use for my logos. You can negotiate with some sellers as well. Don't go for the cheapest or you're asking for a cheap product. Find a decent price, reviewed seller. The first $5 one I got was laughable because I thought I could cut corners. I spent about $20 on a professional logo I still use to this day. Love it.

chelshhhh 1 year ago

We already have the contracts and such with as many customers as we can handle at the moment. But for future, if we decide to spend more time on this business, we would like an already established page with reviews and such. Thanks for the reccomendation of fiver.

anatomyofyouth 1 year ago

There is app called logo foundry on the App Store. Not sure if they have Android version. Works pretty good.

chelshhhh 1 year ago

Ill try that! Thank you!!

likelyculprit 1 year ago


chelshhhh 1 year ago

Unfortunately with them you must pay to download it!:(

SalahAssana 1 year ago

I think VistaPrint has a free logo maker.

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