What is the priority does Google gives to Directory Submissions?

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tweez 1 year ago

if your site is brand new or you need more branded anchor text then directory links like BOTW, JoeAnt and a few others are actually pretty decent. They won't magically help you rank for everything but they are still pretty good. Just don't bother with the 1000s of "free directory" submissions out there. There are about 5-10 directories that are worth your time.

Rahulkalavala25 1 year ago

That's Interesting..!! Good one..!!

lifeisbeautiful_ 1 year ago

In recent years, Directory Submissions have taken on low priority, when compared to other SEO techniques. Backlinks are always very important and essential for websites to rank well but always count on the quality of the links than the number. SEO experts always think twice about directory submissions after the penguin update, they are thought to be spammy but when done safely, there is great foundation for your website providing the do follow backlinks.

LCPRM 1 year ago

Local citations help you with Link building and it's the easiest way to build links. How effective ?? It's difficult to put in percentage but its effective for sure.

Rahulkalavala25 1 year ago

Thanks..!! Can you suggest me some directories websites?

skokieseo 1 year ago

I would avoid link directory submissions. A lot of those sites are so spammed out with thousands and thousands of external links only for the purpose of giving people links. So Google knows they are low quality spam websites, and Google can de-index them so your link building efforts will be useless and risky. Try to think of getting quality business directory website listings like on Yelp or YellowPages that people actually use to find businesses.

MincoLesharo 1 year ago

High trust directories have value...99% do not. Although I do not like Yelp, Yelp is an example of a directory that has a very high value and Trust in Google's eyes. However your competitors are also on Yelp so it negates the effectiveness. Everyone knows about the high trust in value directories so being listed on those does not become an advantage, it becomes "table Stakes." In other words to be in the game you must be listed there.

Scotty11p 1 year ago

Are you saying you have this machine?

thomasscot7 1 year ago

There was a time when directory submission was pretty useful but it isn't any more. You should cut off your directory submission work and only submit your website in those directories that are active for at least 2-3 years.

Tuilere 1 year ago

Just about nothing unless you have a time machine and it's all of a sudden 2005 again. Then you will domin8.

ninatsa 1 year ago

If it's not relevant directory, you'll have not priority

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