What is the fastest way to get a job in London?

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notsomaad 3 years ago

Pretend to Be a developer, be half-reasonable. FTFY. This also explains why there are so many developer positions open all the time.

RassimoFlom 3 years ago

Put a card with your number up in a phone box.

chkslry 3 years ago

CSCS card?

chkslry 3 years ago

Just downloaded its so nice.

PinkPrimate 3 years ago

I keep seeing ads on the tube for "Job Today" - can't comment as never tried it but looks like a fast way to get service industry and maybe temp jobs.

chkslry 3 years ago

Software engineer, Graduated with a 2.1 from a red brick uni. Looking for a part time job

ricecakesandtequila 3 years ago

Be a developer, be half-reasonable.

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