What is the best way to get backlinks to my website?

Hi people, I have a new Website which is well structured based on SEO rules for On-Page SEO. What I need to know is, what's the best way to get backlinks and what other most-important off-page SEO methods which will increase my website visitors?

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multimindsae 1 year ago

Yeah the honest review that's what I am talking about!

HollandPederson 1 year ago

My SEO agency now of 7 years is enjoying hundreds of #1 keyword rankings due in part to a nice holistic backlink plan: I have been running an SEO agency for 7 years and spend quite a bit of time with other SEO's who earn substantial incomes year after year yet none of them push the black hat boundaries very often if ever. good clean onpage keyword specific content pages relevant backlinks (guest posts and authority site links) Citationss social links And more...But keep in mind your anchor text ratios need to be conservative - you just can't slam the exact match anchors all the time - it'll get your client site in trouble! Ping me if you have specific questions.

maaseyracer 1 year ago

Find a good PR firm who can work within your budget. Way cheaper and way better results than spending hours hunting down sites and writing emails begging for links.

TheMacMan 1 year ago

Content is still key, no matter how much you don't believe so. If you want an example of how even a small business can dominate with content, search Google for nearly any question related to inground pools, like "Which type of inground pool is best?" and you'll find that River Pools and Spas i generally the top result (or even all of the top results) for such searches. That site started with Marcus writing blog posts answering all the questions people may ask about their products. They now not only own searches around their niche in their area, but across the entire country. If you're ignoring content, you're completely ignorant to the power of it and have no understanding for how Google ranks sites these days.

JuicySpark 1 year ago

The best way is to let them happen naturally. Getting attention from a famous blogger and having him talk aboit your site with a link is an example of the best way to get back links

SEOPub 1 year ago

Second, always look at the overall authority of the site and page on which the link will be shown. if the DA is less than your own site, it isn't worth exchanging money for. If the page is crowded with links, it isn't worth exchanging money for. I wouldn't make decisions based on DA alone. Besides the fact that no search engine on the planet uses DA, it is a highly inaccurate metric. If you are going to use unreliable metrics, the PA of the page where your link will appear would be a better indicator of the link quality than the DA would.

DisruptionTrend 1 year ago

There is a reason why the standard line is "write great content" because there isn't a clean systematic way to build links. There are people out there that have developed a process that works for them, but if they were to share it, then it wouldn't be as effective for them. Ultimately, when we look a link building case studies, it is always that one 'pool installation company' that wrote 'a great blog about installing pools' that everyone linked to and we are supposed to then go out and replicate that success. How many blogs do we need on swimming pool installation?

AwwsnapAndreene 1 year ago

Well this is quite depressing news for a newbie.

SEOPub 1 year ago

I fully expected the first answer in this thread to be the typical "write great content that people want to link to" line of Patel BS. Thank you.

SEOPub 1 year ago

It's the 3 B's. Buy, beg, and build.

SEOStefan 1 year ago

Guest posting on relevant sites and buying links are your best bet in 2018. Depending on your niche you'll a see a 1% to 5% conversion on cold outreach but that's only if your content is already amazing.

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