What is the best cms to use for seo?

Hi there, I have searched up on this sub before on whether using wix is bad for seo and it turns and most of you are saying yes because you cant get down to the nitty gritty of stuff for seo, so i'm not going to use it, but i hear and see a lot of people using Wordpress is that the best option to go with or is there something more robust?

What do you use?

Thanks in advance :)

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jerichodotm 2 years ago

Probably WordPress due to the popularity in the insane amount of plugins.

guster-von 2 years ago

Im going to throw out Drupal. It has everything Ive ever needed to address SEO, performance and it is quite scalable.

seomarketingph 2 years ago

Wix - Difficult for any SEOs to work on (My Opinion) Wordpress - really an SEO friendly and the easiest CMS to use, but saying as the best? Not really sure about it yet

phyzikalgamer 2 years ago


dontsettleforaverage 2 years ago

WordPress is definitely the way to go

ashley89lloyd 2 years ago

My personal opinion but you're better off uploading a PDF to the net than a Wix website. Wix is honestly the worst and most SEO's will testify to that! It depends on your objective and plans. If you're planning an eCommerce website then Magento for a large budgeted robust website or Shopify for something smaller. For a services/blog based website Wordpress for me is the stand out winner. Wordpress can also be manipulated to eCommerce with WooCommerce but I find other platforms more economical from an eCom perspective. I find a CMS isn't really SEO friendly, it's more how the wrong CMS can hamper your abilities. No CMS will give you a boost or Google won't preference one above another. But with some like Wix, GoDaddy Site Builder and possibly Joomla, they limit what you can get out of your website.

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