What is a good blog name that attracts a lot of people to my blog on social media?

I am making a mental health blog! It's not a blog about a specific mental health condition, so there will be a variety of mental health-related topics included in the content. Readers from the ages 16-50 could relate to this blog. I want my blog name to be unique, stand out, and pertain to the niche. So conjure up some possible blog names for me please or at least give me tips. The reward is credit and promotion of your blog, product, or business.

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metzlermar22 2 years ago

What do you think of these names: 1. Questioning My Sanity 2. Batty, Bananas, or Bonkers 3. Going Batty, Bananas, and Bonkers I am kind of favoring 2. at the moment but idk for sure.

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