What impact does reducing text have on a websites rankings?

in a small web agency.

For a customer of ours, a Hotel, we are planning a new conceptual website with much less text. He wants a modern looking website with not as much written on it. Instead of a classic menu with submenus andcin every one a block of text, he rather wants the user to be guided through the website, applying story telling, with images and little pieces of written text based on story telling and a more visual communication. Now my question is: how would reducing text impact the website's seo? If we redirect the old pages with a lot of text to the new ones where the same concept is transmitted but with just pieces of text, would thr rankings stay more or less? What is the key to positioning such websites? Alt img and structured data? I hope you understand what i mean, i'm not sure i expressed myself clearly. Thank you :)

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Saurusss 2 years ago

Thank you. :) We will see how to proceed the next weeks, have to discuss it further with our client. I will keep you updated if we go for it!

P4713nc3 2 years ago

I've worked on a similar site, but the big difference was that they had a brand new domain. It was hard as f!#? to rank the brand new domain we had to do loads of outreach and link building. If the domain already has this you may be good to go. The outreach was made easier due to it being a good looking well built site with interesting design features (we got links from a few web design blogs at the time).

SEOPub 2 years ago

Just to go along with some of the other responses here, I would warn the client that making big changes like this could impact the rankings. It could be a good impact. It could also be a loss of rankings. There really is no way to know for sure how Google will react, especially to what sounds like pretty drastic changes. Also, in regards to this... "If we redirect the old pages with a lot of text to the new ones where the same concept is transmitted but with just pieces of text, would thr rankings stay more or less?" A redirect has nothing to do with the content on a page. It doesn't credit the new page with the content on the old page. In fact, it means that search engines are not even going to read the old page. It could just as easily be blank. A 301 redirect is going to signal to the search engines that the old page has permanently moved and to credit the links pointing to a page and any authority it has to the new page.

SEOPub 2 years ago

That is not true at all. Google is not looking at a code/text ratio. Just think about that. It's stupid. The code/text ratio tells nothing of how useful a page is or if it answers the searcher's query. There is zero reason for Google to give a crap about that.

AtEaseGuy 2 years ago

Yes and no! Let me explain. As you know, Google and other search engines consider a lot of different factors to rank pages. And all of thee different ranking factors have different value as well (in terms of influence). So the question is: Whether it's the useful, intent matching text content (optimised) that works as the main ranking factor currently or is it the other factors like the brand authority (are people searching with your hotel's name?), back links, internal links or GMB reviews (highly influential in this case) that helps the website to rank. If you think it's just the text alone, how long have been this website ranking for the target keywords? If over 8 to 12 months, going for this redesign isn't gonna affect your rankings. If the website is new and you ranked recently, it might. So one thing you could do is to try executing a proper and relevant link building campaign. This also gives the website some more authenticity by having a steady ranking for some more time and links to back up the ranking when the website gets its redesign. Also, one important thing to keep in mind while going for the redesign is the engagement. It's just another ranking factor that matters. You're gonna be in trouble if people who search and comes to your new website bounces off quickly. (Which I believe isn't going to happen). Conducting a split testing to find out what variations increase the time spent and engagement is a good idea. Hope this helps. Keep me posted on the updates?

Saurusss 2 years ago

Ty for the reply. :) We're already into GMB. About the second point: A strucure and hierarchy will be given, so will the informations needed by potential costumers. We're in contact with this customer of ours for years and have plenty of data (analytics,, facebook, newsletter,...) so we can plan a storytelling which suits well the target. The question is more: if I structure the journey in order to cover relevant (in terms of kw research) aspects without spamming the keywords as often, maybe using synonyms or semantically related words to describe or even not having an h1 always filled with KW. How will this impact on the rankings? Do you have any experience in changing a website which is positioned to a mlre storytelling like one maintaining positioning ehile covering the important aspects (also the aspects related to kw the site is positioned)?

martinhmns 2 years ago

Firstly: definitely get into Google My Business if the company is not in there yet. That's hands-down one of the best things to optimize for in local SEO. Secondly, storytelling-based websites are cool, but users and search engines will still expect a certain structure (site hierarchy, HTML structure etc.). Having less text does not need to be too big of a deal as long as it answers the user's question and covers the relevant search terms. Will they want to click through a story, or do they want to be able to get an answer quickly, or immediately see a phone number to call? How will this work on mobile?

Saurusss 2 years ago

Yes i know, that's why we're struggling about how to deal with it. Less means a lot of images and just thoughts or short phrases in order to touch a cusomer's emotions. From a traditional SEO point of view we see just disadvantages. But I'm wondering what possible strategies could be ti get positioned with minimum ammount of text.. Ty for your reply though

gr4phic3r 2 years ago

more text means more possibilities to put keywords and phrases. i don't know how much "less" text is in your case but it could be a disadvantage ... [edit:removed wrong stuff]

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