What does your average day look like as an SEO?

What is the first thing you do when you arrive in the morning? Are there a general set of tasks that you methodically complete or are your days more loosely defined?

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_Toomuchawesome 2 years ago

I'm an in-house SEO. The first thing I look at are major KW movements. Check GSC for any messages or abnormalities. Emails for any project updates then dive into my support tasks that I'm assigned. During the day, I'll usually have meetings for future implementations and SEO requirements generally in line with on-page structure, architecture, and URL structure (basically making the most of our link juice to the domain). Different projects will take a couple of days so I'll generally work on that periodically while I do other adhoc tasks & KW research.

MatthewCameron 2 years ago

The first thing I do in the morning is to check my dashboard for all my client's keyword rankings. - If everything looks to be moving in the right direction, I move onto the next task. If not, I need to spend some time doing research and figuring out what went wrong. (Usually a Google Algorithm update or other competitors that are doing some optimizing). Then it's usually a few hours of phone calls with my clients talking about their campaign progress and future strategy. After that it's a few hours of contacting blog owners to try to secure guest posts. (The larger the website, the more effort required to secure the post. USA Today takes a lot longer to get a post on than a smaller blog, etc.) After that, I spend a lot of time writing/editing content and doing on-page optimizations. Finally, I try to devote at least some of my day to staying up-to-date with SEO updates and researching new techniques. Summary: The day of an SEO Expert is very dynamic. You need to be able to analyze a situation and react to it accordingly. A lot of time is spent doing keyword research, writing content, researching competitors, etc. I have a loose checklist to follow, but most of it depends on the size and niche of the client I'm working on.

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