What do Google Robots crawl?

Apologies if these are newbie questions, I am new to SEO:

  • Does which images you use on a website affect Rankings?
  • Does content outputted by JavaScript affect Rankings?
  • If the answer to the above 2 questions is negative, then why? It's 2018, surely Google could write a robot crawl that can analyse image content and read the JavaScript content?
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matthewfelgate 2 years ago

Thanks for the information. Could you clarify 'set up correctly' please?

brianohioan 2 years ago

Yes and Yes

lonewolf-chicago 2 years ago

Google can only recognize image file names and text surrounding an image and alt text....there is no pattern recognition... I posted a pic of something I was selling on Facebook, for example, named the image my-cat-video and the post said..im selling this cat video if anyone is interested..... Facebook never pulled it for violating their content policies (it was NOT a cat video). Yes i know that is a facebook example not Google....same . The tech doesnt exist yet.

comuloid 2 years ago

Google will crawl content rendered using JavaScript - affecting rankings - as long as your site is set up correctly. You would be surprised how advanced their crawlers are.

qverb 2 years ago

The answer to the first is definitely yes (I haven't studied the effects of your second question). Google wants your images to be original, with alt img tags that are descriptive. A high quality photo is preferred, but you do need to optimize for loading speed. Alt img tags are important because it can help your product (if you are selling) come up higher in image results in addition to organic search results.

ispyty 2 years ago

The short answer is both are important. Plenty of resources out there that describe these scenarios.

instacado 2 years ago

Google will crawl every link it can find. If you're interested in knowing how it interacts with your site, you can download log files from your server and check em out - Screaming Frog have a Log Analyser which makes it easier to interpret

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