What are your experiences with Peer Zone?

Is it a good one or a bad one? i just want to know so i don't waste my time on it, thanks in advance.

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Jauin 2 years ago

Been half a year for me and haven't gotten past the pending status. The potential earnings for me have been $2 a month though with two computers

DeserveToEarn 2 years ago

I get about $6 a month on 2 laptops, background running, for over 3 years.

Holos620 2 years ago

Made $80 so far. Dunno how many years, tho.

BeanieBanta 2 years ago

Oh wow, thanks for letting me know.

Honkmaster 2 years ago

I let it run on a few devices for 8 months and never got past the "PENDING" stage, so I uninstalled it.

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