What are the online earning options available in India?

Friends, I guess watching videos and surveys are available only to those in US, UK, and Canada. Please suggest other options to earn money online from India.

I tried to register on mTurk 2 or 3 times. But it did not work out. I don't know on what basis they are accepting new members?

Please help.


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vrimee 2 years ago

Thanks. I will check PalKids and Appen.

vrimee 2 years ago

Yes. I am working on my first project (content writing) on Upwork. I have to dig information about Google My Business as I'm not familiar with that. But I have basic knowledge of how businesses are using Facebook, YouTube etc for promoting their brand.

snailmailz 2 years ago

Don't think it's India SJW's just people who understand globalization and corporate capitalism.

alexdenne 2 years ago

What sort of a wage are you looking to command? How fluent is your English? What is your computer set up like? Have you signed up to sites like upwork before? Are you familiar with the basic digital needs of your local businesses? Can you get them set up on Google My Business, Facebook, YouTube etc?

SirAerion 2 years ago

Dude if tour english is.fluid you can try teachiv kids at PalKids. It works wonder for anyone around the world. Alternatively you can try transcriotion webs like Rev or TranscribeMe. Also check on appen if there are openings on India. Good luck!

ChaosWolf7 2 years ago

You have a corner on the online and telephone customer service industry and you want more? Simply join one of a thousand call centres, call yourself John Smith and POW, your making money and driving the rest of the world insane at the same time. Edit: Damn it! I was being up voted until India/ SJW's woke up or both.

saichandred 2 years ago

mturk is not open to indians, quit trying. Where r u from, what is your regional language? checkout lionbridge openings, some are open for some regional languages.

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