What are the best ways to improve SEO on an Angular/Node based website?

I've hired developers to create a new platform using a MEAN stack. My biggest concerns are SEO. How can I improve SEO on such an application?

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ineedhelpcoding 2 years ago

No what is that? Have you used it before?

ineedhelpcoding 2 years ago

So I should keep Wordpress for blogging and all of the functions should use Angular?

ineedhelpcoding 2 years ago

It was highly recommended by the developer.

TuffRivers 2 years ago

Why must you use angular? Are you building a web app and want to pass computing load onto the browser to limit server usage? Front end MVC is usually for web applications

iamtheterrible 2 years ago

Im interested in knowing why, may you tell more?

Tuilere 2 years ago

The absolute best way is to not develop in Angular if you are making an SEO play.

street-dreams 2 years ago

Have you considered using something like Prerender.io?

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