What are some online jobs that pay $1500 a month?

I am 24 male and I have been looking for a first job for about 2 months now. I will try to send 10 to 20 resumes online per day but I have not gotten any replies back. I am starting to feel pretty hopeless by this point. My goal is to hopefully get a job by the end of February but I don't think that is going to happen. I have tried to do some online jobs like working at Appen however I am still on their waiting list. I am wondering what are some good online jobs that pay $1500 a month?

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mrizzle1991 2 years ago

Cool, ill definitely apply for them next month when Im in the US. Did you experience a lot of verbal abuse or not really? Its basically like helping people solve problems with their modems? because I've done that so many times with friends/family.

mrizzle1991 2 years ago

Also how is the pay schedule weekly/biweekly? And if I wanted to work 45-50 hrs per week would that be plausible? Or they don't like people working too many overtime hours?

beartiger 2 years ago

Do you know how the "Remote Services Technician" position is different from the "Client Services Technician"?

mrizzle1991 2 years ago

Hey, how long do they usually take to schedule a interview after applying, im in EU but im going to the US for a few months in March to visit my folks.and would be nice to apply and start soon after i arrive.

salamanderheli 2 years ago

This sounds interesting! Ive got a BA in English, but no experience teaching... Might have to stretch my brain to think of relative experience. Could you share about how your day doing this goes? Do they send you a curriculum/lesson plan? How long are you teaching a particular group of students? Is it hard? Ty!

bikesboozeandbacon 2 years ago

Is it only for US? What if you're visiting overseas and what to do online work?

bikesboozeandbacon 2 years ago

Dang wish I could do this overseas. I'm going to be out of the country for about a year and looking for online gigs as the US dollars goes far there.

GeoPeoMeo 2 years ago

I've been working for the last few months as an English teacher for kids in China. I only do it a couple of hours a week, while a keep working a full time job, but plenty of people do it full-time for their sole source of income. You make about $20/hr from homeworking as much/little as you want, and $1500 would be well within range. I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying this jerb so far, and would consider making this my full time situation. If you use my referral link, I will get a small bonus, and I'll be happy to answer any questions and give any advice I can to help you along the way in your application process. Here is the non referral link REQUIREMENTS: A Bachelor's degree (in anything) You also have to be a native English speaker, and a legal U.S. or Canadian resident or citizen. You must have some teaching experience. (Many of your informal experiences can meet this qualification. Of course, you should not lie on your application, but their definition of it is somewhat loose. In my interview, I mentioned being a summer camp counselor a few years ago, and helping the campers to give their icebreaker speeches to the camp, and that qualified.

michikade 2 years ago

http://www.granadacorp.com/work-from-home-opportunities/ They have a few different opportunities but its like $10/hr during training and $10.50/hr in production with bonuses that equate to up to $14.50/hr (kinda impossible to hit that because the full bonus is team based but its easily doable to be making effectively $11.60-$12.50/hr), full benefits, they just rolled out a 401k, etc. Lots of overtime opportunities as well. No landline required, but you cant work via wifi, have to be hardwired. They have location restrictions though - its work from home but you have to live in a state theyre requesting the position be filled from.

DizzieScim 2 years ago

I loved working for Support.com, they try to scare you into oh you connect through a private VPN so we can track what you do bullshit. I finished the whole House show when I worked for Support. Turnover rate was high for my department because we did Comcast remote support for internet... and we took a lot of verbal abuse from customers. Plus, you cant really call out sick.... oh your sick? Roll out of bed on to your computer chair and work 401k match insurance was reasonable. Overall I give it a 8/10. Hours can be hard sometimes.

fb3playhouse 2 years ago

EBay start thrifting check solds buy low sell high

Znees 2 years ago

I don't think that's right. I think to earn a grand a month, you just need to know what contracting/outsourcing options are available. There's a whole lot out there, once you know how to look. It's just getting started in this world is the thing. M-turk is not where it's at.

Znees 2 years ago

Working Solutions is remote call center work. They start at around 12 bucks an hour (.20 per minute) Depending on the contract, it can take a bit to get on. But, it's a real job. And, if that's something you can hack, then it might be for you. The upside is that it allows you some pretty flexible hours you can use to look for something better. Also, some people really like it. There are a lot of people there who have been there 10+ years. And, if you know anything about call centers, you know that's huge. http://jobs.workingsolutions.com/before-apply/

breezus1357 2 years ago

Despite online sending a resume is step one, follow up. Just call and ask for a manager and mention you sent a resume.

dotchianni 2 years ago

Do you have to have a land line to do this?

sepulker 2 years ago

https://i.gyazo.com/967978c8cf66fc03c5c4f668b888a3ea.png could I in theory apply to all of these?

notscb 2 years ago

I second call center, especially in insurance (auto) claims. Companies tend to provide all of the training and you get a headset/company router at home (in some cases). HOWEVER, you rarely can take "sick" days and the schedule tends to be all over the place. Most auto insurers use remote workers to fill in gaps in shifts (in the US at least)

camptrade 2 years ago

How long is the training?

Uzwmsk 2 years ago

If you're looking for an actual full or part-time job where you live and not just online work and can't get anything from online applications then try temp agencies and employment agencies. And I use plural because there's probably multiple unless you live in a small town and you have to try with them till one of them gives you something decent, it doesn't cost anything to join the agency so you don't have anything to lose. Because if you're looking to earn $1000+ via online work, it's gonna be very tough. Usually, you need to specialize or be good at something. Just generalized online work doesn't pay that well and even stuff like transcription, takes a while till you can get to a level where you're really earning with a reputable company.

deh707 2 years ago

Interesting. Are you currently working for them?

Advi0001 2 years ago

Do you need a special headset to use?

Advi0001 2 years ago

No, I apply online through indeed.com and I wait for their call back.

linds0492 2 years ago

Check out Kelly Connect. Theyre hiring phone and chat technical support. No prior knowledge necessary. Edit: just chat right now whoops

OrganicMemer 2 years ago

My friend works a call center from home, pretty sure he makes at least $10 if not $15

ilikepizza30 2 years ago

I'm not sure I would call it 'good', but Support.com is pretty much always hiring Remote Services Technicians (because so many people quit - very high turnover) and they hire pretty much anyone (if your in the right US states - states without a very high minimum wage). From application to first day of paid training is about a week. Pay (after training) is $10.25/hour so $1640/month, and if you want, overtime is usually available (sometimes even a couple hours required per week) at time and a half (so $15/hour). https://www.support.com/about-us/careers-at-support-com-customer-support-agents/

5t4k3 2 years ago

When your say you turn in applications online, do you mean for a normal physical location type job? You need to follow up with those, call them, show up and talk to the hiring manager.

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