What are some jobs online that pay decently?


I'm looking for work online that will pay decently by the hour. What are some suggestions to apply for? Something that pays at least $10 per hour. My skills are in freelance writing, but if there are some jobs that don't require a degree and require some skills I am good at, I appreciate the help.

Thanks, Stan

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Olaf_tha_Berserker 2 years ago

Appen is complete nonsense now. They are buying up companies to lower competition and pay. If you like waiting 2 months from application to first small payment and then more for regular pay, be my guest.

StanDedalus 2 years ago

I'm already signed up to Appen, but haven't received any work yet. Are there any other companies that pay decently?

wednesdayheartattack 2 years ago

Appen is $9 for me.

cdgar 2 years ago

6 in mexico

Bzttid 2 years ago

Appen pays 12 an hour, as do most ad rating/crowd sourcing companies.

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