what are my options for migrating services if the existing webmaster is gone?

Okay... I have a client who has asked me to take over SEO for his company. He has an existing website and domain that some independent guy registered and initially setup for him last year, but my client says this guy has not responded in 6 months and his voicemail box always goes to "mailbox full"...

I feel like the options are going to be pretty limited until the domain expires, but I'm open to suggestions.

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maestrodt 1 year ago

website is under GoDaddy. If the contractor set everything up in his own name, can we still get the actual business owner access?

TomDe__ 1 year ago

Call the company that is hosting the site and ask them what options you have. The business owner can verify themselves if needed. If you have godaddy account, etc, the can help you figure out who is hosting it. If you have Wordpress access, the host is usually up top left of the dashboard icons. Hope it helps!!

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