What am I doing wrong with swagbucks?

I’ve had swagbucks for a while now and I never qualify for a survey. In fact, the most recent survey I took asked me one question: what is the opposite of “hot”. Naturally, I selected “cold” and that apparently disqualified me?? How on earth am I supposed to make any money off this site when this keeps happening? Are there any tips or tricks to get around the constant disqualification? Thank you in advance.

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Tanooki60 1 year ago

By minutewatch, are you meaning engageme videos?

MhikeiMPC12 1 year ago

I use opinion outpost, trustworthy and not as bad as swag Bucks. They also enter you into a quarterly prize (which doesn't really mean anything because of the odds) and sometimes allow you another chance to win points even if you disqualify. Every survey I do complete though, I always get the points.

MhikeiMPC12 1 year ago

Never ever select anything when it says "does you or your household work in any of these industries" because they are trying to get people who do not have any knowledge about those industries and it could ruin their results if someone selected different answers because they work in the same field as the survey makers.

Londonwrites 1 year ago

I agree that swagbucks is one of the worst and most hyped survey sites. I use Panelbase in the uk. There are some surveys that you do not qualify for but you get entered into a draw to win some cash every time. When money was tight, I used this site and made 20 in a couple weeks. I get sent three or four survey opportunities everyday. If I did this everyday, I think I could make 10-20+ a week. There are opportunites to be involved in a more in depth survey or research or be part of a panel and you get more money for those. I had a 5 opportunity a few days ago.

midirfulton 1 year ago

Imo, your using swagbucks wrong if your using it for surveys. The only time I'll do surveys there is for some sort of bonus bonuses or if I'm trying to finish the daily goal. You can use 7 apps to steam videos. Gives like 70 cents a day, just switch from one app to another when it maxes out. When your not doing anything on your PC run Swagbucks watch and minutewatch from offertoro. Play game - dino run or whatever it's called just run off the cliff. Unrulely media - 5 watch's for 5 sb That should get you close to the daily goal. The streaks pay out like 7 bucks a month. The real money, however, is in the offers. Check the swagbucks daily to see what's easy and credits. Some you have to sign up for a reoccurring subscription like gamefly/hulu/dollar shave club/etc. They are definitely worth it if you can remember to cancel later. App installs are pretty good too. It kills time at work, I install and work on a couple at a time. Helps if you have an IOS and Android available.

JeremySB 1 year ago

I use Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, and InstaGC. You get the same amount of DQ's at all sites. After all, it is the EXACT SAME surveys you are generally taking at each site, since Peanut Labs and all of the other survey groups offer the same surveys across many many different sites. Sometimes there may be different or additional surveys across the GPT platforms, but not really, they are all very similar. I usually qualify for 1/5 surveys. That means 4/5 are DQ's. I think that is pretty standard for me. The only thing that bothers me, is when you actually complete a survey and then you don't get credited, or you get DQ'ed at the very end.

EvilFiddle 1 year ago

How often do you get disqualified on Prizerebel would you say

EvilFiddle 1 year ago

That's the only thing I can think of. Like why would that one question disqualify me otherwise lol

EvilFiddle 1 year ago

That sounds promising. How long are the surveys, usually? Because I've done some of the longer ones on swagbucks that take like fifteen minutes only to find out at the end I don't qualify.

yaboytim 1 year ago

Lol that question may have been one of those ones that gave you an obvious question and answer, but the writing before that says something like: No matter what the real answer is select _______. They'll try to trip you up with those sometimes

Crazybarb 1 year ago

Seriously, move over to Insta GC for surveys. They have to dollar ones daily (at least) a bunch of seventy cents ones and I get dqd especially from Peanut Labs like a tenth of the time I did on SB. And yes, I tell the truth all of the time.

Sarmathal 1 year ago

I think swagbucks is one of the worst GPT sites when it comes to qualifying for surveys. Prizerebel is a lot better IMO but it's still not perfect.

EvilFiddle 1 year ago

Yes I'm in the US in a suburban area in Michigan

EvilFiddle 1 year ago

Thanks for the advice. I try not to lie on any of the surveys, and I think I keep my answers pretty consistent. I'll keep at it for a little while longer.

Threw_it_to_ground 1 year ago

Are you in the US?

DoubleDonutz 1 year ago

I never liked swagbucks. It'd always disqualify so I don't know what sites to use.

chefr89 1 year ago

Check out the swagbucks sub for better advice and stuff to look out for. I didn't qualify for like the first 40ish surveys I did, and then I realized it was probably because I kept selecting someone in my household worked for a marketing agency (wasn't me). surveys are notoriously difficult to qualify for, but you get better with it over time. I really don't lie at all on mine, even the marketing thing was a hard stretch at the time. if you haven't get on YouGov so they send you ones you will always qualify for, or at least get credited for

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