We are a Not For Profit! Looking for a website review!


I work for a not for profit organization called NEMROC. (Can be found here https://www.nemroc.com/ )

My job is to create and manage all 3 of our websites. I'm only here to ask about one for now though. We hire clients from our Community Mental Health program to put together wood products. Bird Houses, Wood Crates, Things of that nature. I'm trying to sell them via E-commerce! Every sale we make allows us to create more jobs and hours for our clients. So I'm trying to make the site as easy to navigate and purchase as possible.

(EDIT): I just realized the website isn't on here... I'm sorry. www.mywoodcrafting.com is our website for selling.

If you could give me any feedback that would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to this so be gentle. :D


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ink1982 2 years ago

If you want an in-depth site audit, I would recommend posting a project on Catchafire.org.

Demieyes 2 years ago

Thanks for that! But I didn't like SquareSpace the layout I want needs to be focused on products yet hold true to our mission statement. I'll be sure to be in contact though with questions!

jmabeebiz 2 years ago

I also agree the design isn't ideal for what you're looking to do, and it's not going to set you apart from other non-profits. Some of the templates within SS will give you a much more visually stunning and impressive style. Check it out at SquareSpace.com/templates

jmabeebiz 2 years ago

I think I could help with the e-commerce part of things. Shopify isn't ideal for what you're wanting to do. It would be better to go with SquareSpace and use the e-commerce platform they've got set up. I've been designing primarily in SS for the past 5 years and would be happy to give you a free, full evaluation. Message me if you want more details.

pucado 2 years ago

While the technology works, I think there's some work which could be put into the design of the website, and be design I don't mean the graphics, but the actual information structure and more. The landing page of an NGO should strike certain chords of empathy and charity which are best done visually (not OK) and with colors (which seem OK as of now). My 2c - check out a few templates on Themeforest or wherever for your concerned keywords and get a feel of what you should be aiming at. Having done some probono work for NGOs in India, I can tell you good Probono work makes you feel amazing and shows future recruiters there's more human to you than a developer.

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