Want to work from home..suggestions?

i’ve been thinking of working from home and i need your opinion and suggestions of jobs and also courses that i can do for working from home First i want to say that i’m not really fast with typing and also my english is not fluent..so basically i can’t do work that involves interacting with customers but what i can do is learn courses and stuff...so pls suggest courses and jobs that don’t require interaction with customer....also i live in India so suggest those that can be done from here....thanks

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mischko98 2 years ago

The link doesn't work

boredcallcenter 2 years ago

Hey guys, There are tons of freelance sites open to everyone with a wide variety of jobs. Of the top of my head: Upwork Freelancer Fiverr (I can only assume there is an India-specific site somewhere) There are tons of other websites you can use to just to tasks, watch videos and stuff like that.

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