Visual editors and SEO? (Specifically Thrive Architect)

I'm curious on the impact on SEO if you use a Wordpress Visual Editor, specifically Thrive Architect.

I love the thrive plugins but have stayed away from using them because I heard it was bad for SEO.

I've started a new niche site where design and aesthetic is important for the content and Thrive Architect would lend itself quite well to developing my content.

I'm curious if anyone has any feedback on this :)

Thank you!

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lionmom 2 years ago

thank you!

lionmom 2 years ago

Fantastic! Thank you. Excited to install it and tinker around :)

lionmom 2 years ago

My score is just above 1 second at the moment. So that is not an issue (for me). I did notice that most thrive themes have 3-4 seconds which doesn't seem good to me. Might test it out and see how they compare. Thank you!

lionmom 2 years ago

I have a dedicated server, so that's not an issue :) Thank you, good to know!

Spartangreen5102 2 years ago

I am testing thrive architect on a new site in a competitive niche. Two months in and I have numerous first page rankings, and seeing a consistent rise in organic traffic. My only gripe is that architect doesnt play nice with some of my go to plugins for a Wordpress site. And customer support is slow at best, non existent at worst.

NHRADeuce 2 years ago

Google doesn't care about code bloat - the code bloat being discussed is on the server side and Google doesn't see it anyhow. Google cares about how fast your page loads. Our WP sites all score 80+ on both mobile and desktop pagespeed insights. A good CSS/JS minifier and combiner plus a cache plugin will speed your site up dramatically. Oh yeah, good hosting too. All of our sites are either on dedicated servers or MVS accounts.

Jos3ph 2 years ago

If you wanna get depressed about your page speed scores in general, open up Google Chrome tools, click Audits and run the tool for page speed. Even with a stripped down theme, speed optimizations and fancy hosting I've found it hard to get a decent score at all using Wordpress.

FalkirkVanHire 2 years ago

If bloated code and page speed is what you're worried about, try the super cache plugin for end user experience. Wordpress is already pretty bloated but many, many sites rank at Googles top spot with it. I would just concentrate on unique valuable content and social buzz if possible. If it doesn't work out for you, you can always just change it as long as the content stays the same.

lionmom 2 years ago

I believe it was some SEO experts discussing Thrive Content Builder in 2016 and how it adds bloated code to your website. Thus why I'm curious on hearing opinions on the topic :)

johniflek 2 years ago

Curious... Where did you here this? Nichepursuits.com recommends thrive themes extensively so I assumed they use thrive artitecht as well and therefore it would not negatively impact seo. While code structure could have an impact on seo, I believe the actual content is much much more important.

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