Uvomarketing LOOKS GOOD!

I joined this program 5 weeks ago and I have received 4 payments back into my account. I bought the basic contract that runs 26 weeks and only invested EUR 500/5000UVO. I bought two more EUR 50/500UVO contracts with my profits. These guys have done their homework. This looks great!


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dak0taa 2 years ago

but it LOOKS GOOD dawg... they sell contracts so you can sell contracts to people who then sell contracts and we all get rich!

Uvomoney 2 years ago

Do you mean a pyramid scheme like the inland revenue and social security where the new pay for the old because that is exactly what they are, and always were. I joined and making good money because its linked to a new Crypto currency coin which could explode when it goes on the open live market and I am buying what I can because the base value is guaranteed unlike Bitcoin and everything else.

Tananar 2 years ago

To see exactly what we offer all you need to do is sign up and once you are in your account/dashboard everything will become crystal clear. Yep I'll definitely sign up for something that won't tell me what they do.

bbh1nz 2 years ago

Uvomarketing LOOKS GOOD! LOL. Not fooling anyone buddy. Been a Reddit member only 5 days and literally EVERY post you've made is promoting this. SPAM..

Landfields 2 years ago

It's an obvious pyramid scheme.

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