Use of Headings and proper order of headings on a page for SEO purposes

Due to design and aesthetic purposes, I have a page that doesn't have an H1 element and starts out with an H2. I also have a 2 column layout for the main copy. Both columns start with an H2.

Questions. From SEO angle;

  • Is it okay to omit an H1 header?
  • Is it okay to have 2 H2 headers or multiple headers of the same? If not, what's the best way to approach the headers for both columns?
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ericb0 1 year ago

Thanks for the comprehensive answer.Love it!

Saurusss 1 year ago

A question about styling.. Do you think it has an impact if i have a two titles: one h1 and the other as a span but format it to display the span bigger and the h1 smaller, in order to have my keywords in the h1 but to make more relevant another title to the user?

gmkdigital 1 year ago

You should start with an H1 (which you can style anyway you want) and only one, don't feature multiple H1s on a single page and from there you can start adding H2s, H3s, etc as you see fit. Even though it's really minor in the grand scheme of things, try to keep a logical hierarchy: H1 H2(s) H3(s) H4(s) Usually, a "higher" heading indicates a more important element/section and a lower one that's nested under the previous section. So for example let's say that a page features 3 categories and 4 subcategories, the 3 categories would be H2s and the 4 subcategories, H3s. That way you provide a clearer signal for the bots to figure out the flow and the hierarchy of a page. Again, have to underline that this is really minor in the grand scheme of things. And don't forget, you can style you headings however you want so if you'd want to visually make the H1 less prominent than the H2 or otherwise, you can easily do so without forfeiting a proper hierarchy in favor of appearance.

Gaping_Maw 1 year ago

You need the h1 and you can style it anyway you want with CSS. Multiple h2's is normal if they are used to define two seperate pieces of content under a h1.

Kupke 1 year ago

More H2s is fine. H1 is crucial. There is always a page hierarchy in the content/text, so i would review whether your design actually reflects that.

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