Trying to earn a extra £500 - £600 online per month

Hi all,

I'm trying to earn some extra cash online. I'm a certified software tester with over six years of experience. Plus I know Python to a intermediate level.

I've tried sites like Upwork for freelancing gigs in the past. But with very little success. I'm not very good at selling myself and its impossible to attract high paying clients.

Are there any other opportunities out there that will help me achieve my goal?

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Anastasiaosei 3 years ago

there are crowdtesting sites as well that are similar to test army and we are testers and you can also contact companies here https://jobspresso.co/ https://www.businessoffashion.com/careers https://www.themuse.com/jobs https://www.linkup.com/ https://remote.co/ https://www.yonder.io/post/remote-work-job-boards https://stackoverflow.com/jobs https://github.com/remoteintech/remote-jobs https://www.theremotelife.com/best-remote-jobs-companies-work-remotely/ https://fairygodboss.com/career-topics/how-to-find-remote-jobs-31-places-to-look https://www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/high-paying-side-gigs-non-tech-remote-jobs-news/ http://blog.tortugabackpacks.com/remote-jobs/

Jimjongjung 3 years ago

Upwork is way over-saturated and lots of the people working there are from places like southeast Asia, so they can charge a lot less. You can still make money on there though, you just have to expect to pitch 40 or so people before anyone says yes. There must be other places were people are looking for your skillset. I don't know where they are as I'm a writer, but if you google around you should be able to find them.

[deleted] 3 years ago

Don't do this. You will lose money. It's slightly above gambling.

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