Tricks and tips for Upwork?

I'm having a really hard time getting anything on Upwork. I'm new to the site, but not to my industry.

I 've put out about 30 proposals since late November and only managed to get one $10 job. Another job kept repeatedly inviting me to apply and then wouldn't return my messages, another job posted their budget, I submitted a proposal, and then they told me I was too expensive. I told them I could work for less and they didn't reply...

I'm unable to get my money out since it's below the Upwork minimum withdrawal balance, so I'm basically sitting here totally broke unable to even get my $10.

Does anyone know tips or tricks to try to land jobs? Any jobs? I'll take anything at this point, I am getting desperate.

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WordsSam 1 year ago

Also, look for additional income sources. I don't know why, but I find if I really need money it is harder to win decent-paying Upwork contracts. I think desperation somehow shows. I do well when I am in normal need to continue cash flow, but not desperate mode and even better when I am already swamped. When freelancing or working online, it is easier to avoid the feast or famine cycles if you have more than one income source. Have you tried microtasks like mturk as a backup? What are your skills? What is your field?

pascalleeos 1 year ago

What are you working in? Some of the fields are oversaturated, especially for things like writing. Youll need to find ways to make yourself stand out like earning certificates or drafting up a wide array of samples. But itll depend on what youre specializing in.

wtgeographer 1 year ago

Take some time to develop a strong portfolio. You need a place to demonstrate competency to potential clients. Then craft a professional looking template for proposals. Subscribe to Upwork premium (more connects) and fire a few dozen proposals off. Here's my portfolio for reference.

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