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Hi guys,

Long story short, recent events got me interested in trading. I noticed I have ability to pick up graphs and understand them more or less without much tuition. I believe I have a potential in managing risk and keeping discipline. Thus I am looking for a successful trading mentor to teach me ways into the trading - London area. Are there any suggestions please?

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NK_Tarantula 10 months ago

I appreaciate your choice of having a mentor as a support while being in Forex. Its worlds largest financial market and offers some wild moves which anytime can eat up your account. However, in order to chose the right mentor, I would suggest you to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtlpwbIh0Bs

sammymac69 10 months ago

If you want to learn a longer term Trend based strategy using Spreadbetting ... honeystocks1 on Instagram or check out honeystocks.com

mrbump34 10 months ago

Reported. Stop spamming your crappy website. Note to anyone else - Don't follow this guy's advice. He's a scammer.

zujizu 10 months ago


sandiegomagapede2 10 months ago


shadybron 10 months ago

Appreciated! I am starting as of today! Thanks for lending a helping hand.

FutureMillennial 10 months ago

Check out: www.youtube.com/c/futuremillennials Content will help you get on your feet.

mustbenice83 10 months ago

I got some co workers pushing IML Markets everyday and how it's such a wonderful training program. Yep, and it's only close to $200 bucks a month. These said co workers don't feel I a have the proper training although I've gone through all the baby pips stuff, countless YouTube videos, books, etc. They're brainwashed by the stuff it's ridiculous.

nosepickingexpert 10 months ago

Not all heroes wear capes. Good on you!

Quarterbale_ 10 months ago

How much money you need to start trading?

Mrbababo 10 months ago

We need more of this people in this sub.

SHIT_SQUIRTS 10 months ago

How much money you got?

kipl33 10 months ago

Second this. Baby pips is amazing.

tbrunick 10 months ago

I personally recommend getting proof that a "mentor" is a live* trader as well. Trade history/withdrawals on a live account, before ever giving money for education/ mentorship.

sandiegomagapede2 10 months ago

First I would start by learning the info on step 1 on the right hand side bar and LEARN EVERYTHING BABY PIPS has to offer. You will need to know that anyways. By the time you finish you will be a much better trader. PM when youre done and I will teach you what I know for free. You came to the right sub. BTW if anyone asks you for money its a scam. Good luck

workingman2045 10 months ago

Experience is the best teacher. try using TOS platform as you can setup a paper account and you can practice from there

Radrezzz 10 months ago

I would start here: https://twoblokestrading.com/

mrubuto22 10 months ago

There are plenty of people that will do that for a price.

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