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Hi guys,

Long story short, recent events got me interested in trading. I noticed I have ability to pick up graphs and understand them more or less without much tuition. I believe I have a potential in managing risk and keeping discipline. Thus I am looking for a successful trading mentor to teach me ways into the trading - London area. Are there any suggestions please?

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NK_Tarantula 1 year ago

I appreaciate your choice of having a mentor as a support while being in Forex. Its worlds largest financial market and offers some wild moves which anytime can eat up your account. However, in order to chose the right mentor, I would suggest you to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtlpwbIh0Bs

sammymac69 1 year ago

If you want to learn a longer term Trend based strategy using Spreadbetting ... honeystocks1 on Instagram or check out honeystocks.com

mrbump34 1 year ago

Reported. Stop spamming your crappy website. Note to anyone else - Don't follow this guy's advice. He's a scammer.

zujizu 1 year ago


sandiegomagapede2 1 year ago


shadybron 1 year ago

Appreciated! I am starting as of today! Thanks for lending a helping hand.

FutureMillennial 1 year ago

Check out: www.youtube.com/c/futuremillennials Content will help you get on your feet.

mustbenice83 1 year ago

I got some co workers pushing IML Markets everyday and how it's such a wonderful training program. Yep, and it's only close to $200 bucks a month. These said co workers don't feel I a have the proper training although I've gone through all the baby pips stuff, countless YouTube videos, books, etc. They're brainwashed by the stuff it's ridiculous.

nosepickingexpert 1 year ago

Not all heroes wear capes. Good on you!

Quarterbale_ 1 year ago

How much money you need to start trading?

Mrbababo 1 year ago

We need more of this people in this sub.

SHIT_SQUIRTS 1 year ago

How much money you got?

kipl33 1 year ago

Second this. Baby pips is amazing.

tbrunick 1 year ago

I personally recommend getting proof that a "mentor" is a live* trader as well. Trade history/withdrawals on a live account, before ever giving money for education/ mentorship.

sandiegomagapede2 1 year ago

First I would start by learning the info on step 1 on the right hand side bar and LEARN EVERYTHING BABY PIPS has to offer. You will need to know that anyways. By the time you finish you will be a much better trader. PM when youre done and I will teach you what I know for free. You came to the right sub. BTW if anyone asks you for money its a scam. Good luck

workingman2045 1 year ago

Experience is the best teacher. try using TOS platform as you can setup a paper account and you can practice from there

Radrezzz 1 year ago

I would start here: https://twoblokestrading.com/

mrubuto22 1 year ago

There are plenty of people that will do that for a price.

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