Today, I purchased groceries with Bitcoin and it was the best feeling ever!

I live in a relatively small city with a small grocery store ( big ones too like Safeway and Save , but I like the small one! ). A few months ago while talking about Bitcoins i caught interst of the owner and he ended buying a small amount. Today I went in with bitcoins on my phone and asked him if he wanted to settle with bitcoin...... he said yes and well, it went perfectly!

Mycelium is a pertty good client, made it easy to do the exchange!

Hoping to do all my trx in bitcoin by the end of the year! Now to put pressure on the places I go for lunch near my work etc!

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yourstreet 2 years ago

Once we can buy the necessities of life with it and be paid in it, goodbye fiat. Cannot wait.

TheSimkin 2 years ago

Yes! I am going to start tipping with bitcoin, starting today! Even if the store doesn't accept it, can still start introducing it!

AManInBlack2017 2 years ago

Good job... this helps everyone. I encourage everyone to ask every merchant if they accept bitcoin every time, even if you know they don't. This will grow the ecosystem, and your own holdings as a result.

nuts12 2 years ago

I support

Crypto-Hero 2 years ago

I wish they roll up SegWit address support already

TheSimkin 2 years ago

It was cheap enough. We have trust already so waiting for the confirmation was not important. Lightning WILL make it better though!

TheSimkin 2 years ago

I bought it on QaudragaCX.com using instant funding via debit cards.

metalzip 2 years ago

Would be important to make sure such things work over Lightning Network so it will scale. Blocks will be full again. Demand of cheap transactions is infinite.

Lisergiko 2 years ago

How did you earn the btc at first? Mining or Trading?

TheSimkin 2 years ago

I bought the coins the same day as the purchase. I will have to pay cap gains at the end of the year but it is fine. This is what I did. $1,500 cash -> quad -> bitcoin -> Send to wallet on phone. Spend $112 worth of btc on groceries I now have over $1410 left in btc value end of the day, and he has about $115 worth. So at the end of the year, when I figure how much btc i withdrew vs how much I deposited I will pay cap gains on the difference. If it's more complicated than tha I will let my accountant handle it. I am using a seperate account and set of wallets specifically for spending in stores etc so it should be easy to sort out.

BTC-Support 2 years ago

I'd love to do that too! I can't wait for 2nd layers to make it more feasible for more people.

BTC-Support 2 years ago

Some shakedowns you can resist, others you can't. Everybody has to make this call for himself.

stackdatcheese3 2 years ago

Dont you pay capital gains on top of your purchase though?

Captain_TomAN94 2 years ago

But did you read the whole story? Sure he bought groceries for what will probably be $100,000 in 10 years, but how will Bitcoin reach $1,000,000 per coin?! ADOPTION. He convinced a manager to receive it, and that manager will now evangelize to others. Plus, it's not stupid to cash out some crypto here and there just to be safe...

meadowpoe 2 years ago

And then u wake up in 2022 and realised that you bought the most expensive groceries back in 2018

diamondlife2 2 years ago

Beauty, its great to see BTC getting adopted by the small businesses.

Pipdotcom 2 years ago

Mycelium is a very good client. I have been using it for about 3 years. I wish my grocery store took BTC!!

gta3uzi 2 years ago

I, too, try to casually introduce bitcoin to business owners. Sometimes I converse about it with a friend within earshot, sometimes I ask them directly if they will be willing to accept it. Here in my area a lot of business owners are not interested. They see it as a headache and a complication.

CardCollector1 2 years ago

True adoption, good work!

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