Tips for a beginner in making money online

hey there, I am a German residing in Germany. I have been trying to find ways to earn money online for a long time now. I am looking for ways to be able to work from wherever I want / home. My biggest hobby is wildlife photography and I am running my personal website with a blog (only started writing a few months ago). Maybe there are ways to monetize that in any way!? At the moment I am looking into starting an online shop for wildlife photography related products with the dropshipping business model. (The plan is to build this properly so it might be a full-time thing in the long term. Not the often seen AliExpress/Rubbish Product way).

However, I am pretty much at the beginning of all this and I would be happy to find people with experience that can maybe give me a little push in the right direction.

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mrbabastone 2 years ago


RobertKafadar 2 years ago

Best beginner's advice is dont underestimate how long it takes. You wont make big money now and its normal to take years to develop client list or portfolio because developing trust and brand online takes time and dedication and consistency. Good luck.

carliway 2 years ago

You could definitely try selling some photographs online. There are sites (sorry, I don't know names) that buy photographs and use them as stock images. You could also sell prints of your work online - make an online portfolio of your best work and make some available as prints. I would recommend PortfolioBox.net - I'm a graphic artist and I have my portfolio hosted here. Good luck!

TouchingWood 2 years ago

What is your blog url?

sublimemoose 2 years ago

Could you sell some of your photographs as stock photos?

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