Time waster that earns $$?

I work full time in transportation, and have HOURS of idle time every day (10 minutes here, 20 there). What's a good app that I can do mindless stuff a few minutes at a time for gift cards or PayPal money? I don't have luck with surveys for some reason. Not necessarily getting rich or whatever, just figured rather than play candy crush or crochet all day it'd be cool to earn a few extra dollars. I have a Samsung galaxy s7, a tablet, and a smart watch, if that affects anything. Thanks guys! Cross posted!

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DrFaust07 3 years ago

I'm in transportation and have downtime at my job. I use my iPhone to do surveys here and there. I earned like an extra 3 dollars or so yesterday while doing that. So it adds up

MisterRobo007 3 years ago

Is there an app similar to this for iphones?

MamaMurphySucks 3 years ago

You seriously need to consider Prolific Academic. After you sign up and fill out a 15-20 minute questionnaire, you will only receive surveys you qualify for. This is different than a lot of the other sites/apps I've tried that will have you get halfway through a survey only to be kicked out for being "ineligible". There is a low cash out minimum of 5.00, although I'd recommend getting to at least 20.00 to minimize fees. In terms of earnings, I'd say it varies. I myself earned over 20.00 in my first week and a half, but I've heard other people complaining about never getting surveys. All in all, I'd say its definitely worth a shot. referral link || non-referral link

Kicker774 3 years ago

Use a bluetooth kb/mouse with your tablet and mturk and other surveys will be easier.

Kicker774 3 years ago

I'm on the go from place to place for my job as well. I've been using the Panel App Non-Ref It's not a time killer but it is beer money nonetheless. It keeps track of where you've been, gives you points when your on the road going from place to place. You also earn points with the surveys about where you've been. A little bit like getting paid for Google reviews. I just started using it so I havn't been able to tell easily if it racks up more points going place to place to place or just two places but very far apart.

BioDueDiligence 3 years ago

I would recommend two survey apps that I use routinely: InboxDollars - Mix of activities including watching videos, completing offers, spinning a prize wheel, and completing surveys. There is a huge volume of (non-targeted) surveys, some of which pay a reasonable amount and some are pretty laughable (e.g., 32 minutes for $0.25). Pro-tip: clicking on the survey link gets you a prize wheel spin even if you don't attempt to complete the survey. Therefore, click on each survey to get the spins, but only attempt the ones with reasonable payout. Sometimes if you clear out the list of 10-15 surveys, a whole new batch will appear. The cash-out threshold is $30. Referral link: https://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=ref18039581&s=7 Or: http://www.inboxdollars.com Or: search app store LifePoints This app is affiliated with the GlobalTestMarket survey site, and I must admit is growing on me. This app is only a few months old, but survey quantity is growing and pay rate is reasonable. On the app you can cash out for as little as 1100 points ($10). Referral link: No URL provided, but if so inclined PM me an email address and I can generate a referral invitation Or: http://www.lifepointsapp.com

thematthews 3 years ago

Thanks !!

soneforlife 3 years ago

i actually tried this once a few years ago, i think i managed to do one survey on my phone during lunch in hs i don't exactly remember how, but i think there was a tampermonkey browser for android and i just installed my extensions and did it i wouldn't say it's worth it though :p

sony732 3 years ago

Anyone try mturk on a phone? That's probably impossible.

Pennyem 3 years ago

I've been on there about a year and I'll cash out for the second time soon. It started out fine but the last bit has been a slog and I don't think I'll keep going after my second payment.

mercury187 3 years ago

If you like trivia play perk pop quiz, it will run idly without answer questions but you get more tokens if you answer correctly and have streaks going. Pretty mindless and even if you don't know the answer half the time you can guess it correctly. Id say if you did that and left some devices running at home you could easily make 1-2$ a day

sony732 3 years ago

You guys have great ideas!

birdie816 3 years ago

You could play verydice. It's an app that pays you to play dice. Well, really you win tickets to be converted to prizes in the mail. Anyway search verydice in Android or Apple app store. If you wanna help me out, please enter my code for verydice: 584407. Thanks in advance

mercedesbends 3 years ago

Taking pictures?

sony732 3 years ago

Those both sound great. I might bounce between the two. Anyone have input for inbox dollars?

Xiphura 3 years ago

Check out Applike. You install games on your phone then get points as you play to redeem with PayPal and gift cards. Not truly mindless but I enjoy playing games more than the scratchers. Ref link(not sure if this works but that's what showed up when sending a red email):https://r.applike.info/s/5a131c6a936c3 Non ref: applike.info or search Applike in Google play store

dofehaviwe 3 years ago

Perk scratch and win will get you a few cents for mindless swiping. Maybe leave something running Perk pop quiz at home while away. Enjoy your $1/day :P

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